8 Tips to Grow Better Basil

Basil, is undoubtedly one of the most beloved herbs in the world. It’s not only a versatile ingredient in the kitchen but also a joy to cultivate in your garden. 1. Varieties and Care One of the first things you need to consider when growing basil is the variety. There are numerous types of basil, … Read more

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8 drought-resistant perennials to plant, so you don’t have to water

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5 things you can do with basil flowers: Don’t throw them away

Basil, that fragrant herb celebrated in kitchens worldwide for its exquisite aroma and flavor, is often associated with its lush green leaves. However, lurking amidst the leaves lies an often-overlooked treasure – basil flowers. These tiny blossoms possess a delightful fragrance and versatility that can elevate your culinary and creative endeavors. Here are five inventive … Read more

5 best methods for freezing herbs

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of growing a lush herb garden, tending to each plant with care and witnessing it flourish. The beauty of homegrown herbs, however, comes with a catch – an abundance that can be challenging to use up before they start to wither away. Fortunately, freezing methods come to the rescue, … Read more